Del Kathryn Barton: Dazzling Facets

An artist plumbs the depths of womanhood and all the painstaking, glittering, and strange truths therein.



Inside Abstraction: Suzanne McClelland

The painter talks about her data-dense paintings that mingle abstract gestures with a thicket of numbers and text.



A Q&A with Pier Paolo Calzolari

One of the seminal figures during the mid 1960s in what became known as Arte Povera, Pier Paolo Calzolari has lived the life of a near-recluse.

MAY, 2017

Pulped Fiction: Samuel Levi Jones

One man's method of destroying history in order to rewrite it.



Studio Check: Amy Bennett

The labor intensive exercise of crafting a monopoly-sized model town is, for this artist, only the beginning of her process.



A Q&A with Catherine Opie

Never wanting to be pigeonholed at the "poster child for queer art," Catherine Opie talks about her main concern: describing the complexity of individual and communal identities.

MAY, 2017

Reading Room: A Q&A with Marta Minujín

The artist rebuilds her temple of books for Documenta 14, outside Kassel’s Fridericianum.


MARCH, 2016

Introducing: Clark Beaumont

An Australian duo make performances out of their own relationship. 



Teresita Fernandez: Sculpting the Public

Teresita Fernandez wants YOU in her work.





Alina Tenser at Soloway Gallery, Brooklyn

Two giant buttons dominate the compact Brooklyn gallery Soloway in “Passing Buttons.”


WINTER, 2016/2017

Ellen Cantor at Foxy Production, New York

It may be an accident of limited space, but the viewing scenario of Ellen Cantor's multi-channel video at Foxy Production is oddly productive.


MARCH, 2016

"Agitprop!" at the Brooklyn Museum

One of a few songs included in the exhibition, Billie Holliday's "Strange Fruit" is a perfect example of the theme that unites the photographs, films, prints, banners, street actions, music, digital files, and Web platforms on display: work that is not just political, but that acts as a means of disseminating information to influence social consciousness.

MAY, 2017

Marisa Merz at the Met Breuer, New York

For Marisa Merz, the 91-year-old Turin-based artist, there is no separation—nor has there ever been—between art and life.


MAY, 2016

Maria Hassabi at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

In our age of shrinking attention spans, it seems audiences are ever more enthusiastic for immersive, participatory art-viewing experiences—and willing to wait in snaking museum lines for the chance to take part.



The 8th "Asia Pacific Triennial" at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane

For the first time a suitably nebulous curatorial theme, movement and the body, unites the work of the Asia Pacific Triennial.


Louise Hearman at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

The oil paintings created by Hearman—the subject of this 25-year career survey—are most often described as haunting. But that word is a little too simple to describe the imagery of this Melbourne–based artist.


APRIL, 2016

Jenni Spota C. at Brenan and Griffin, New York

The works in “Dicey Fabulous Carnival” will probably lose their aroma over time, but two weeks following the opening Spota C.'s exhibition, the gallery still bears the pungent smell of her generously applied oils.



Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker at Wiels, Brussels

At Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s recent dance performance-cum-art exhibition, normal gallery-going rules are in flux.

Short Pieces



Film Review: Lana Wilson’s "The Departure"

This eloquent portrait of one imperfect individual reminds viewers that ultimately we all carry a fatal flaw.



Rainbow Bright: Caroline Wells Chandler Crochets a New World

Caroline Wells chandler has a room in his Long Island City apartment dedicated to yarn.


Michael Mandiberg Catalogues Failure, One Bank at a Time

Mandiberg repurposes investment guidebooks, printing the logo of a U.S. bank that has officially “failed” and been taken over by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation on their covers.



Homage to Hilma

Josiah McElhEny wants to give undersung Swedish artist Hilma af Klint the recognition she deserves.


Julien Prévieux's Technological Dances

While Julien Prévieux's job application to be a bus-driver might lead you to assume he’s lazy, much of his works is almost absurdly labor-intensive.



An Artist Travels to Svalbard

Artist Wong Kit Yi and curator Ali Wong
are constant collaborators, whether on the exhibitions that feature the former’s work or the digital presences they share. They also happen to cohabit in the same physical body.